About Us

About Elves and Ovens

Elves and Ovens is one of London’s most established children’s party caterers.

From here Elves and Ovens was born when a need for healthy and homemade children’s food was spotted.


Elves and Ovens is London’s finest kids party food catering company. Elves and Ovens is taking London by storm with a new range of yummy and exciting children party boxes. At Elves and Ovens we take our food very seriously and we are able to take the feeding of all of your little ones as seriously as well.

We really hope you enjoy our menus as much as we have enjoyed creating them, but it hasn’t just been us trying our food. An expert team of children’s entertainers, event planners, parents and especially children have been experimenting, testing and evaluating our menus to ensure they are of the highest order and are hopefully exactly what your looking for.

About Elvis the Elf

Elvis is a very sprightly young chap, he simply can’t get up early enough in the day, always rushing about trying to get loads done. But he does enjoy sitting down after work with a chilled glass of Ribena.

Elvis’s favourite colour – Green

Elvis’s favourite animal – Guinea Pigs

Elvis’s favourite song – National Anthem

Elvis’s favourite hobby – Making his favourite pasta sauce

Elvis’s favourite food – Elderflower’s Macaroni Cheese

About Elderflower the Elf

Elderflower is a very beautiful Elf, she is also incredibly kind. Elderflower spends a huge amount of time (when she isn’t baking!) looking after lost animals and loves a good party.

Elderflower’s favourite colour – Purple

Elderflower’s favourite animal – All of them

Elderflower’s favourite song – Let it go, Frozen

Elderflower’s favourite hobby – Playing with animals

Elderflower’s favourite food – Sticky Fried Goo Goo