We all know that kids parties can sometimes feel a little intimidating, so why not leave it to us to ensure there are enough chairs, plenty of jelly, themed cutlery and beautiful balloons.

You can also have your very own Elf to come and make sure there isn’t even a scrap of wrapping paper left lying around.



Why not have a helping hand at your next party? We have a super-fun merriment of Elves waiting to come and assist you with everything you need. Don’t let the burden of looking after so many little people stress you out. Let Elves and Ovens come and magic the stress away!

Waiter/ Waitress Elf – A young, fun and lively member of the Elves and Ovens team to come and help you out
£15 an hour (minimum 4 hours)

Chef Elf – One of our amazing chefs will come and cook all the food for your party
£25 an hour (minimum 4 hours)

Equipment Hire


We have access to a wide range of fabulous and pretty things you might need such as little tables and chairs, big tables and chairs, linen, plasticware, glassware, chinaware, cake stands, tea and coffee service, tents, props and just about anything you can think of – just ask us and we will find it! Some examples below:

Little white wooden chairs (suitable for up to age 6)
£6.00 each

Little trestle tables (seats 8)
£18.00 each

Set of plastic ware (melamine cup, plate/bowl and cutlery)
£6.00 each

Tea cups and saucers (x 24)

Tea and coffee making kit (Cafetiere, teapot, sugar bowl, cream jug, thermos jug)

Box of champagne flutes (x 24)

Themes & Ideas


Why not let us add a theme to your Childs party? With a huge array of fun plates, cups, saucers we can really add some fun and laughter. Below are just some ideas of fun party themes, but give us a call and we can adapt things to your requirements.

Vintage Tea
Stripes and Spots

Bugs and Buterflies

Ballons & Little Extras


The devil is in the detail, and that applies as much to childrens parties as to grown up ones. Add some little bits of fun that all the children and their parents will remember and love for some time afterwards!

Party bags
Paper hats
Woode slide whistles
Colouring books and pencils
Mini Slinky
Wooden Spinning tops