Proper Tea

Proper food in proper china dishes will be delivered to your party for you to pop in the oven and bake for your children. We can deliver it or a chef can come and cook all your food for you.

Each dish feeds 8 children or 4 adults and comes with 1 side and dessert per person £100.00 each dish

Macaroni cheese

Cauliflower cheese and ham

Shepherd’s pie and peas

Penne Pasta with smooth red sauce and parmesan (tomato, red pepper, onion, garlic, courgetti, carrot and spinach)

Penne pasta with bolognaise sauce (Ernest the Elf’s classic red sauce with beef mince)


Little corn on the cob

Steamed brocoli

Oven chips

Little baked potatoes

Garlic bread


Ice cream, sauce and sprinkles


Jelly and Ice cream

Fruit smoothie ice lollies

Berries, natural yogurt and honey

Strawberry doughnuts


If you have any dietry restrictions or would like the food prepared to be ALL ORGANIC please just ask